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Pornhub is now free to watch in Canada

Pornhub, the world’s largest adult video site, is now allowing users to watch porn in Canada.

The company is now one of the few companies to offer free access to its site in the country, after Canada’s new online porn licensing regime came into effect earlier this year.

“Pornhub has always been a leader in the field of online adult entertainment,” Pornhub CEO Jason Calacanis said in a statement.

“We’re pleased to be one of a few to offer our subscribers a free online viewing experience across Canada.”

The new policy applies to all subscribers, not just those who opt in for a monthly fee.

The change comes just months after Pornhub became the first Canadian company to offer porn subscriptions to all its Canadian users.

It has also recently made major changes to its business model.

In March, Pornhub announced it would no longer pay to use its site’s ads and other marketing to generate leads and advertising revenue.

Instead, the company will focus on paying customers directly.

The announcement followed months of discussions with the Canadian Government about how to expand its porn distribution.

Calacaniskis told the CBC in an interview earlier this month that the new policy could help ensure Pornhub continues to thrive and remain one of Canada’s leading adult video sites.

“I think this is a great first step, and hopefully we can go from there,” he said.

“And hopefully it’s the beginning of something that will ultimately lead to more companies coming in and providing content to Canadians.”