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What’s next for Graco slim fitness?

Graco has added a new fitness app, which will make it easy for customers to track their fitness levels and add data from the Fitbit app to their workouts.

The new app, called Fitbit Flex, is available for Android and iOS. 

According to Graco’s website, the new app allows users to track how much they have lifted, how many calories they’ve burned, and their fitness level. 

“We’re excited to make Fitbit a part of the Graco family,” Graco said in a press release. 

Fitbit has been a big part of Graco, and has helped make the company one of the best fitness brands on the planet. 

With Graco offering a lot of different devices, it is possible that Fitbit will continue to expand into more devices. 

At this time, there is no specific date for the Fitbits to launch. 

For now, we will just keep monitoring this story as more information comes to light. 

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