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What to know about the Fitbit Surge, Apple Watch and new Fitbit smartwatches

“We’re building the best product, the best smartwatch, for the world.”—Apple CEO Tim Cook to WWDC attendees on June 12, 2018In a new interview with AppleInsider, Tim Cook spoke about the company’s vision and mission for its next generation wearable devices, which Apple is expected to launch in 2018.

In the interview, Cook said that the company has a “very specific vision” for the products, adding that “every one of those [devices] is going to be very different than the one that we had a year ago.”

Cook also noted that Apple is “very focused” on building “the best product” for Apple Watch, explaining that “that is the most important thing that we’ve done since we started.

And so if we could build the best, smartest, most beautiful product we could, that would be great.”

For now, Apple is targeting “three or four” devices that will “work perfectly on your wrist,” with the company aiming to launch a fourth device “at some point.”

Cook says that the “biggest challenge” for a future Apple Watch will be the “very thin” battery that Apple will use.

Cook also reiterated that the Apple Watch is not “just a watch,” and that “we are a smartwatch.”

“We’re not just a watch; we’re a smart watch.

We have these smart sensors and these sensors are connected to these cameras and these microphones.

So we’re not a smart phone.

We’re a watch.”

Cook added that Apple Watch has “a lot of sensors that can do a lot of things” in terms of notifications, voice recognition, and “some other things.”

Cook added that the hardware design for the Apple watch is “really clean and very elegant,” and he believes that “people who want a smart smartwatch have to buy a smart.”

Apple is reportedly working on a new smartwatch “that’s going to have this beautiful, beautiful watch face” and that it will “be really smart.”

Apple’s new smart watch may look very similar to the Pebble Time smartwatch introduced at WWDC 2018, and Apple is also expected to announce new hardware with a new glass display.

However, while the Apple smartwatch will use a new “flat screen” display, it may not use the same “luminous glass” display found on Apple’s existing Apple Watch.

Instead, Apple will reportedly be using a new, curved display, which is said to be “designed for touch.”

Apple also said that Apple’s new wearable “will look great on your face.”

Cook also said, “I think it will be a beautiful thing.

It’s not going to look like the Apple glasses that people are wearing right now.

We think the look of it is going be beautiful.”

Cook continued, saying that the new “smartwatch” will “absolutely have” “a beautiful” look, adding, “It’s going be the best watch that you’ve ever seen.”

Cook was asked if Apple will launch new devices with a curved display.

Cook responded, “Absolutely, and that’s the big question we’re trying to answer.

So that’s what we’re working on.”

Apple is also rumored to be working on the Apple Pencil, a pen that will replace the existing Apple Pen.

Cook told the audience that “We are doing this in a way that it’s very similar and very much like the Pencil that we have with the Apple Keyboard, where the pen is like the keyboard.”

Apple’s next smartwatch may be unveiled at WWJD 2018, but it is also likely that Apple may launch a new generation of smartwatch at WWDB 2018.

Cook is also reportedly working to launch “something that is really cool, that’s really different from the next one,” and said that “it’s going take us five years to do it.”