Planet Fitness|la Fitness|24 Hour Fitness Help You can wear your Fitbit with your phone and have it track your workouts

You can wear your Fitbit with your phone and have it track your workouts

Fitbit has unveiled a new smartwatch that can be worn on your wrist and can track your activity across the web.

The new Smartwatch is called Fitbit Mirror Fitness and it is the latest in a series of fitness trackers from the fitness company that were introduced in 2014.

Fitbit’s Mirror Fit is a smartwatch designed to track and monitor your activity, including your heart rate, steps, steps per minute, calories burned, sleep duration and other metrics.

Its built-in GPS sensor detects your position, time and distance from your smartphone and then sends your data to a Fitbit app for further analysis.

Its a smart watch that lets you follow your workouts on your phone with a single tap.

The Fitbit mirror fitness smartwatch features a large, curved screen that’s a little larger than your smartphone.

It has a black, leather band and a metal strap.

You can connect it to your phone using a microUSB port or connect the two together using a USB-C to MicroUSB adapter.

You will need to pay for a FitBit accessory (either a cable or a strap) to use the watch.

The device is compatible with both Android Wear devices and Apple Watch models.

It is compatible to the Pebble Time Steel, which supports Android Wear watches.

The Mirror Fit smartwatch is compatible on both Android and Apple devices.

It supports Apple Watch bands, Apple Watch straps, and Apple iPhone straps.

Fitbits Mirror Fit can be used with a variety of fitness apps, including Nike+ and MyFitnessPal.

Fitbit has also launched a Fitfit Smartwatch app for Android Wear smartwatches, which will be available for download on Thursday.

FitFit Smartwatches are compatible with Fitbit and Apple’s Android Wear apps, with the caveat that the apps can’t be used in conjunction with the mirror Fit smartworx. 

The Mirror Fitness smartwatch will be sold in three colors: black, silver, and gold.

It will be $499.99 and will ship to customers in the US on December 15.

The fitness tracker also features an app that lets users upload their workouts to a Google Fit account, and then track your steps, heart rate and other activity metrics.

It can be connected to a compatible Android device using a MicroUSB cable or to a Bluetooth device using the microUSB adapter provided.

Fitbits Mirror Fitness will be released in the fourth quarter of 2018.