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Which golf clubs fit the bill?

Golf clubs fit into the profile of men and women who want to go to the gym.

Golf clubs can be an ideal solution to the issue of women not being able to fit in with their gym peers, a survey has found.

The survey, which was conducted by the Golf Institute of India (GII) and conducted by Golf Club Fitment Institute, found that the men and the women alike who attended the gym did so with the intention of gaining a fitness edge, as well as gaining a social presence.

It found that nearly 90 per cent of the gym’s members were in favour of women being able play golf at the gym, and 87 per cent felt that women were better suited for the role.

It also found that women have an advantage over men in the field of physical activity, which is why they were preferred to sit out the gym altogether.

While the men were found to be more likely to be active, the women were more likely than men to sit around and play video games, watch TV, or spend time in their cars, according to the survey.

Golf Club Fitness Institute founder Nandan Bhaskar, who led the survey, said that the golf club fitment institute has been conducting the survey since March.

“Our aim is to find out if there is a commonality between men and men and fitness clubs in terms of physical fitness and women’s interest in going to the fitness club,” he told The Hindu.

“In fact, one of the things we have found is that the most common questions that we have asked is that men want to be able to play golf, whereas women are looking for an edge in fitness.”

Bhasker said the institute was looking at how to increase the number of gyms across the country and that the gym fitment is a good way to do so.

“We are also looking to identify more gyms in rural areas.

We want to have more sports centres, sports facilities, fitness centres, fitness programs, sports centres in villages, to give a voice to people who do not have that option,” he said.

The study was conducted at over 700 fitness centres across the state of Gujarat.

The respondents, including the men, were asked to fill out a questionnaire and provide the details of their fitness, including their number of fitness hours, as a way to gauge their interest in the gym or their fitness preferences.

It was then tested against the fitness institute’s survey on fitness preferences and interest in fitness.

It seems that women’s fitness interests are more active than men’s, according the survey results.

“The fitness institute has shown that women are more interested in fitness and more active in general.

This indicates that women prefer to be out of the house, play sports, and take part in activities like exercise, yoga, etc,” Bhaskers said.

“Therefore, there is an indication that women who go to fitness centres do so because they want to take up sports, which might be a common belief among men,” he added.

The golf club fitness institute had a presence in the state for the past five years, and it had already reached 1,000 fitness centres by June this year.

The institute has a team of more than 150 people across all 50 states and the Union Territory of Madhya Pradesh.