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When The Fitness Industry Takes On The New ‘Fit Flops’

The fitness industry is taking on the fitness industry and that’s what the Fit Flops are.

I wrote about them back in February, when Fitbit launched its first version of the Fit Fitbit Flex 2.

Now, the company has launched a new version of its fitness app that includes the first versions of its new fitness shoes.

Fitbit announced today that it has introduced two new versions of the new Fit Flop, the Fitbit Fierce and Fitbit Fit Fit.

Fitbit says the Fitbits are the first to feature a new dual-compound foam footbed that’s lighter, stiffer and more breathable than the company’s previous foam foot pads.

That means that the Fitflops can be worn by both women and men, and they come in three different sizes.

The Fitbit’s new Fitbuds are the most powerful, but they also come in the same colors as the original Fitbit Flops, which was available in white and black.

Fitbud users can download the Fitbuddy app and track their activity, and the company also released a companion app for the Fierce that adds basic calorie monitoring and distance tracking.

It’s a good sign that the fitness wearables market is getting bigger and more sophisticated, but there’s still a long way to go.

The new FitFlops are a big step forward for Fitbit, but it’s unclear if the company will be able to continue to push its existing product lines.

In the meantime, we’re getting our first glimpse of the upcoming Fitbuddys.

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