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How to play the game of Xperience Fitness in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The city of Hyderabad has its first dedicated Xperiences gym in a new space set up by Xperi.

The space, located in the city’s Baghpat area, will provide gym access to people of all ages and abilities.

The gym, located on a corner of the city centre, has been designed to be accessible to anyone with a disability.

The Xperias fitness centre is located on the corner of Baghpats street, opposite Baghlopattur Mall, on the third floor of a vacant building.

The location was chosen to offer people of different walks of life the opportunity to take part in Xperiante fitness class, which has been made available to all who visit the gym, according to a spokesperson for the Hyderabad municipality.

“It’s very easy to take a walk, it’s not so hard to do a fitness class,” said a person who asked not to be named for the safety of others.

The person said the gym was also very well designed.

“We are very happy to see such a place in Hyderabadi city.

We want to have a similar space in the neighbouring city of Gwalior too.”

The Xerias fitness center has been set up in the Baghapat area of Hyderabad.

The premises are part of a residential development in Baghopattu.

The building, located next to a school and a public bus stop, was previously occupied by a grocery store.

A total of two fitness classes are offered here.