How to be fit in 2018

The 2018 season will be the last for some of the UK’s best-known fitness brands, with some brands set to close.

The UK’s five biggest fitness brands are among the biggest names in the world, but it’s the lack of advertising and the lack the brand name that has left many of them struggling.

This year, The Fitness Lab, which has been at the heart of the industry for nearly 50 years, will close, its website said on Monday. 

“We are closing our doors as a business because of the difficult times in which we find ourselves,” it said. 

The UK is facing a crisis of confidence and confidence is declining, and we have to do what we can to create more opportunity and help to drive growth.

“We have an opportunity to transform our business, and that is why we have chosen to close the UK Fitness Lab,” it added.

The Fitness Lab launched in 1971 and has sold more than 6 million units since then.

Its brand names include Fitocracy, Fitocracy 3 and Fitocracy 4. 

Its main product is a workout programme called the Fitocracy 7, which it says provides people with a range of exercises, nutrition advice and fitness support. 

It also sells a range to fit women. 

But as the UK struggles to make ends meet, the brand has seen its sales shrink. 

More: The Fitocracy website was set up in 1971, in a time when people were not fit to live. 

Nowadays, Fitocratic has a small staff of about 25 people. 

As the UK prepares to start the 2019 season, The UK Fitness Labs latest loss comes in the form of its UK headquarters, which is set to be closed at the end of this month.

The closure of the Fitness Lab is likely to leave the brand without a home and with no staff to manage it. 

One former employee told the BBC that the brand was “going to be a casualty of the financial crisis”.

“We will have no money to pay the staff who are now going to be going out of business,” the former employee said.

The latest news comes amid an economic downturn and the UK economy has been hit by the impact of Brexit.

The UK’s economy shrank by 1.6% in the third quarter of 2019, which was the biggest quarterly contraction since the financial crash of 2008-09. 

Many of the country’s biggest brands are now in the process of cutting staff. 

Former Fitness Lab executive Sarah Williams said the company was “in a difficult place” as its finances were “completely wiped out”. 

“As a small company, we didn’t have a big enough team to take on that,” she said.

“The brand is very close to the heart and soul of the business, but the business is going to shut down. 

We’re going to lose a lot of staff and be forced to take redundancies.””

The UK will be looking to the world for brands to follow.” 

The new UK fitness lab will have an office in Birmingham, but will not be able to open until 2019. 

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