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Fitness mat and fitness bike to make your kids better off

Fitness mat, fitness bike and grow young fitness will be on sale in the New South Wales state this year, according to a state government spokesman.

Key points:The mat will be sold at the state’s Department of Health stores and on its website and online store.

It will include a fitness range of various weights and exercise stations for kids and adults.

“The mat is one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment in Australia, it’s one of our top sellers and it’s going to be on offer for a long time,” NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said.

“It will be available for purchase by families, teachers, students and anyone who wants to use it to get a good workout.”

The mat has been designed by Australian company Myx Fitness and is a combination of a mat and a bike.

It features a flexible plastic frame and weights on both sides of the mat.

“We’ve seen the mat become a favourite amongst fitness enthusiasts around the country, so we are delighted to be bringing this mat to the NSW market,” Mr Berejkliian said, adding that the mat will offer both indoor and outdoor activities.

“For parents who are interested in having a fun, easy-to-use exercise mat for their children, we have also designed the mat to be an excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle for kids.”

It is available for $59.95 at the Department of Public Health and the online store, and will be priced at $99.95.

“This mat has become so popular that we have been able to create a range of weights and exercises for kids of all ages,” Myx said.

Ms Berejmian said the mat would not be available at the retail level.

“In the short term we are still finalising the retail pricing of this mat, but we do have it in stock at the NSW Department of Healthcare,” she said.