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Super Nintendo ring fit trial closed to public

A Toronto fitness firm is offering a trial of its retro fitness wearable, called the Wahoo Fit, which can fit a person’s wrist and help them stay fit and fit in the most challenging of conditions.

The Fit, from Toronto-based Wahoo Fitness, is designed to offer more flexibility than other fitness devices by making it more comfortable to wear.

The company said it is targeting a wider range of fitness enthusiasts and health professionals who have a wrist circumference between 16 to 32.9 millimetres.

It says a Fit with a 32.6-millimetre circumference would be the most comfortable in terms of fit and balance, while a Fit that measures at 26 millimetre would be “not necessarily the best for most people.”

The Fit will cost $299.99.

The company said users will have to fill out a fitness questionnaire and sign up to an online program.

The device is currently available in the U.S. and in Canada.

It also plans to offer a U.K. version of the wearable later this year.

“Wahoo Fitness is excited to bring a fitness wearable to market in Canada, which has one of the highest rates of fitness in the world,” Wahoo’s vice-president of corporate development, Mike Travolta, said in a statement.

“The Wahoo fit has a range of features that will help people achieve their fitness goals.”

Travoltas company also is developing fitness tracking devices that are more sensitive to body heat.

The Wahoo fitness wearable is powered by a smartphone-based accelerometer that measures body temperature and sends that information back to the company’s server for analysis.

“A wearable that is designed with a user in mind and has a built-in accelerometer is a natural fit for our customers who want a fitness tracking device that is discreet, easy to use, and has all the features that they expect,” Travola said.