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PVA fittings in Australia will soon be free, says Premier

Posted November 08, 2019 08:00:14PVC fittings will soon cost less than $1 per square metre, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said today.

Ms Palaszyczuk told Parliament that the Government had committed to the introduction of the fittings and she welcomed the Government’s announcement to begin a pilot project on the use of these products.

She said the Government would continue to explore the use and affordability of these fittings.

“We know that there are people who use these products and we know that people will be paying for these fittins in the long run,” Ms Palasczuk.

“I’m confident that we’ll be able to get the pricing down and we’re going to look at how we can encourage more people to get fitted, as well as make it easier for people to use the products,” she said.

Ms Palmaszcuk said the Federal Government had allocated $100 million to the pilot project, but would seek to find a funding source to keep it going.

The Government’s decision to phase out the use in 2018 meant that only about one per cent of the country’s power supply came from the use, which is expected to be down to one per in 10 of the population by 2060.

The State Government has set up a special commission to oversee the pilot, which will have access to information about the use from industry.

It has also been asked to develop a plan to ensure that the fittins were used properly.

“The use of PVC fittings is a simple way to provide more insulation for your home, but it’s a cost-effective way to keep our homes safe and healthy,” Ms Palmasczus said.

“As we’ve already made it clear, we’ve committed to removing these fittons from the supply chain and we’ll continue to look into other options to ensure the fittons are used correctly.”

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