Planet Fitness|la Fitness|24 Hour Fitness Introduction Obama wants to see more women in combat — and less men — in military

Obama wants to see more women in combat — and less men — in military

President Barack Obama on Thursday announced a plan to improve the gender balance in the U.S. military, but his administration has not specified how.

The White House said the president would direct the Secretary of Defense to create a commission to look at the feasibility of creating an all-male combat unit, the first step toward the military’s goal of having every female soldier in the armed forces by 2025.

The plan comes as the Pentagon faces criticism from the U and the Senate over the recent recruitment of nearly half of its female troops and reports of sexual assault and misconduct in the military.

“This is a new challenge and we’re going to take a look at all of the research that shows we have to change,” Obama said.

“The military has to get back to being an all women’s institution.

And I think that this is a good place to start.”

The president said that, in addition to the all-women unit, there needs to be an all male unit.

The White House will issue guidance on the composition of the force in coming weeks, the White House announced.

“There are women who are going to do their best and do the best they can, and there are women and there will be women,” Obama told a news conference.

“And I think we’ve got to make sure that when we go to war, that it’s not just an all men’s war, but that we have women who can play a leadership role.”

He said he wants to encourage women to “make sacrifices to defend this country” and said that his administration would be working to make that happen.

He added that the White’s goal is to have all-female combat units by 2025 and that “if there are a lot of people who have done a lot to do that already, we’re not going to ask them to do it.”

Women are the majority of U.s. troops.

Women make up about 55% of all active-duty service members and 45% of female soldiers in the National Guard and Reserve, according to the Department of Defense.

The commission will recommend whether the all male combat unit should be created or expanded.

The first panel of experts will include the secretary of defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, according the White.

Obama will also appoint a commission of the top civilian leadership, and the military will hire a consultant to look into how best to recruit and train women for combat roles, the administration said.

The task force will also review the way the military handles sexual assault cases and other incidents that could raise concerns, the plan said.

A draft of the recommendations is expected to be published by the end of the year.