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How to make the perfect exercise routine

Ace fitness program: Here’s what to do, according to the fitness experts. 

Here’s how to make it:  1. 

Get out your fitness tracker. 

This is an essential piece of gear to track your steps, calories burned, heart rate and other vital data. 

If you don’t already have one, you should get one now. 


Set a time. 

The more you exercise, the better your body gets at adjusting to your daily activity patterns. 


 Use an app. 

Google Fit is a free fitness app that provides step count and exercise log data, and it’s a must for fitness fans. 

It also includes weekly workout logs that can be customized to fit your workout and training plan. 


Do the right thing. 

Do not run a marathon. 


Get plenty of rest. 

Rest is important for your body and for your joints, and exercise is an excellent way to keep them healthy. 


Eat a balanced diet. 

Many experts recommend eating around 50% of your daily calories from carbs and 30% from protein, but this can vary from person to person. 


Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. 

Sleep is critical for the maintenance of good health. 


Be physically active. 

Exercise can make you feel better, but there are plenty of reasons to avoid it. 

9. Stay fit. 

You can improve your fitness by exercising regularly, and you can also get fit by doing regular exercises. 


Take care of your body. 

Proper diet and regular exercise will improve your overall health.11. 

Avoid the following:  Exercise is a very powerful, life-enhancing tool. 

Don’t try to force yourself to do it.

It can hurt you. 

Avoid unnecessary stress. 

When you exercise in the morning, you can avoid the anxiety that comes from being caught in the moment. 

And avoid getting too worked up. 

Make sure you know what you are doing. 

Remember, the best way to avoid injury is to exercise.