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How to find your perfect fitness membership (and how to get more)

If you’re a gym-goer and want to keep going but have to give up a bit of your gym time for other things, you may need to consider a fitness membership. 

Fitness memberships are typically cheap and offer the convenience of a gym membership but come with the added perks of having a dedicated membership space.

Here are some of the best fitness membership options for people looking to get in shape: Fitness Club ( $15.99 a month ) (For $15 a month, you can get a membership that includes a gym, yoga, pilates and more.

You also get free access to gym equipment and other facilities.) 

Fitness Club  ($30.99 a month) (If you’re looking for a gym that’s flexible and can cater for people with physical limitations.) 

Fitbit (free) – $100- ( $60 if you’re new to fitness) The Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Blaze, Fitbuds and more are the latest fitness trackers from fitness devices maker Fitbit.

You can also choose to pay extra to add in a phone app and get access to additional features like workout reminders, data and health tracking.

 The Charge is a fitness tracker with sensors for your heart rate, steps, calories burned and more, while the Blaze is a wrist band that tracks your workouts and gives you real-time data on your workouts.  Fitbud – free-  (You can purchase a Fitbuddy app for free.) 

This fitness tracker has sensors for heart rate and heart rate zones, allowing you to track your health.

It has a barometric sensor that measures your heartrate.

It’s also a heart rate strap, which can be used for cardio workouts.

Fitbluetooth – $35-  (free if you purchase a fitness app) You can buy a Fitbit Connect smartwatch for $35 for the Bluetooth version, $30 for the GPS version and $20 for the smartphone version.

You can also add $15 for a free Fitbit Band 2 companion app. 

 BONUS: The Fitbit Charge will give you $25 a month for a membership of $20. 

You’ll get unlimited gym time, data, workout reminders and a Fitbits health dashboard, along with a free FitBit Watch and Fitbud app.

I’m a big fan of the Fitbit and I’m always looking for new fitness gadgets to try, but what do I need to buy to try out my next fitness goal? 

You could buy a fitness band or a watch, but I’ve found the Fitbits are the most practical choice for most people. 

A lot of people use a FitBit for fitness because of the trackers features.

But even if you can’t afford a FitBuddy, you could try the Fitbits in conjunction with a watch.

The Watch + FitBand is a great alternative if you don’t have a FitBand.

It includes all the features of a Fitband and the Heart Rate Sensors for your heart and blood pressure, but it also has some additional features like a sleep tracker, heart rate monitors and a sleep timer. 

If you want to use your Fitbit, but you’re not a FitBIT user, then the Watch+FitBand is for you. 

It’s available at $129.99 for the watch (a free fitbit can also be purchased separately for $10). 

It comes with a fitness tracking sensor, a heart monitor, a sleep tracking sensor and a sleep timer.

If you already own a FitWatch but want to add an activity tracker to it, the FitWatch+ can also work. 

The Watch+FitWatch is also great for people who want to wear a smartwatch while exercising. 

As you can see, a FitWatch+ is not the only smartwatch option for people wanting to get into fitness. 

Other options for the fitness tracker include the Garmin Forerunner GPS or the Leica GPS. 

I hope you found this article helpful.

I hope you find it useful.

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