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Apple fitness plus: The new Apple Watch

Apple is bringing the fitness features of its iPhone to the Apple Watch, as well as introducing the AppleWatch Series 3 to the market.

Apple will launch the new Apple Fitness Plus app on September 6, with a few other features and improvements already available, the company announced today.

The app will let users create and upload their own workouts, and it’ll be accessible through the iPhone, Apple Watch and Watch OS 3 apps, the firm said in a blog post.

Users will be able to view and edit workouts in a variety of formats including steps, calories, distance, pace and pace/pace.

Apple will offer several other features that will be available for those who don’t want to do their own workout sessions.

Apple is launching the AppleFit app in an effort to improve user engagement with the Apple device, according to the blog post, which is also titled Apple Fit.

“The AppleFit experience will be more personal and personalizing,” the blog read.

“You’ll be able see a preview of each activity you’ve done in your AppleWatch and see the progress you’ve made, and your progress will sync with your Apple HealthKit Health Record.

You can also see your progress in the Apple Health app.”

Apple’s AppleFit also integrates with Apple WatchKit, the AppleHealth app that is being developed for the Apple wearable.

The company said that users can track their fitness by logging in to Apple Watch or Apple Health, or by viewing their activity on Apple Fit, Apple Health and Apple Watch.

Apple will also add new fitness features for its Watch OS3.

Users will see new ways to add weight and exercise to their Apple Watch with a new Activity tab, which will allow users to track how many steps they have taken, how much weight they’ve lost, and whether they’ve gained more than 5 pounds.

Apple is also introducing a new Exercise tab that lets users set their own fitness goals.

Apple’s Health app for Apple Watch is also being redesigned.

The app is now accessible from the watch face, as opposed to the main Apple app, and the watch faces are now connected via Bluetooth.

Apple has also released an updated version of its Health app on the iPhone for iOS 10.

Apple said that it’s adding an “AppleWatch App for Health” that integrates with HealthKit, allowing users to monitor their health with Health apps on Apple Watch devices and Apple Health.

Apple Watch users will also be able add their Apple Health data to Apple Health’s Health Record, and users can also access and review their Health data on the Health app.