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Fit hours: NY State’s fitness industry needs to embrace technology

Fitness hours are a way for businesses to keep track of people in the workplace, and the New York State Department of Labor’s Office of Human Resources is looking to the private sector to help keep up with the demand for employees who need to be in the gym, in the pool, or even out on the town.

The agency’s Office for the Public Health and Human Services recently awarded a $1.5 million contract to a firm that specializes in monitoring the health of employees in the fitness industry.

The agency hopes to use the data from to identify fitness trends and to provide job-specific advice on how to improve employee wellness.

“The goal is to create a pathway for employees to stay in shape,” said Julie Breen, a program manager with the Office for Public Health.

The Office for Health Care Quality has also awarded a contract to Fitness Health Inc., which will work with the New Jersey Department of Health to provide “fitness and physical activity” programs and other services.

“We’re looking for ways to create wellness programs in our workplace, which will support employees, staff, and communities,” said Jill Bynum, a director at the Department of Human Services.

The contract is the latest of many awarded to companies that provide wellness programs.

The Office for Human Resources last month awarded a one-year contract to an app called FitTime, which provides daily wellness tracking for New York City employees.

The Department of Homeland Security awarded a two-year, $1 million contract for a similar app called Fitness, which is designed to help businesses track employees’ activity levels.

Last week, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Massachusetts awarded a three-year $1,000,000 contract to the Fitness Health app to help hospitals and other healthcare providers track employees.