Planet Fitness|la Fitness|24 Hour Fitness Method Ace Fitness, a fitness app, is launching a fitness game

Ace Fitness, a fitness app, is launching a fitness game

Ace Fitness is launching its fitness game, Fitness Football, a game designed to encourage people to get fit.

The app, which costs $1.99, features a variety of workouts, including sprints, jumps, and pushups, and a video-based tutorial that explains how to complete a workout.

It will also include a new fitness tracker.

The game is available on iOS, Android, and web.

The Fitness Football game will also be available for free on Android devices.

“We want to build a community of people who are interested in fitness, and who can find the tools to be successful at it,” said CEO and co-founder Jason Gaffney.

The company launched the game on the App Store last month.

Its mobile app is already available on Android and iOS.

“The Fitness Football app will be a free app for users on iOS and Android,” said a press release from the company.

“Users can watch the game live on the app and use the built-in game timer to set goals, challenge friends, and get the most out of the game.”

The game features an array of workouts designed to help people burn fat.

You’ll be able to get the basic workout of sprinting or jumping, but you can also hit the elliptical machine, bike, or run.

The fitness tracker also includes a number of other fitness goals, including an exercise plan for running or a cardio workout for walking.

For now, the fitness tracker will only include the sprint, jump, and bench workout.

For the full-length Fitness Football workout, the app will include a different workout each week.

There will also also be a daily goal-based workout each day that will challenge you to complete the goal.

Gaffey said the goal-driven workouts will feature an exercise routine that requires more time, and will require a different type of equipment than the sprint and jump workouts.

For example, in the sprint workout, you’ll be required to run through a distance of 30 feet and jump 60 feet.

The gym will also have a cardio treadmill to burn calories.

In the gym workout, however, you can simply do pushups and dips, which are more of a workout challenge than a sprint.

Gaffe and a few other tweaks The app also has some minor changes.

The workouts are still available for iOS and for Android devices, but only on a limited number of platforms.

The workout schedule has been changed to include a “personalized” workout for a specific day or week.

Gafney said the team decided to change the workout schedule because they wanted people to be able do the same workout multiple times a week.

“There is no one-size-fits-all,” he said.

The team is also removing the free version from the store.

“That’s because we want people to buy Fitness Football as an extension of their own workout schedule, which is what the iOS and the Android version will be,” Gaffrey said.

In addition to the free app, the company is also adding another workout for $1 per month.

For $7.99 a month, users will be able unlock an Elite Membership for 30 hours of workout time, plus access to new workouts and weekly goals.

Elite Members will have access to a variety the app has to offer, including workouts from all of the teams in the league, as well as workouts from other clubs.

“This is just a great opportunity for people to find a club that they want to get involved with, and then use the Elite Membership to get access to the full roster of training partners that we have available for that club,” Gafey said.

“It’s a great way to get to know our members and see how the membership works.”

Gaffsey said the fitness app is the first of several games that will come to the Fitness Football store.

The goal of the fitness game is to teach people how to get in shape.

“In addition to just being a great exercise app, we want to be really good at getting the best out of our users,” he explained.

“Our goal is to build that community of trainers that will make us better and better at getting them into shape.”

The fitness app also comes with a few updates that should help it succeed.

First, it will include support for voice chat.

The first iteration of the app had voice-only communication.

Now, the Fitness app will also allow users to text their own messages to their teammates, and it will allow them to use an additional notification system that will send a text notification when they reach a goal.

The developer is also rolling out a new feature called a Goal Timer.

The Goal Timers are small apps that show a countdown of the total number of steps, reps, and calories that the user has expended.

When the timer reaches 100, the user will be asked to press a button to complete their workout.

Gaferney said that Goal Timing will also feature an alarm that will be triggered when a user reaches a goal and when the user finishes their