Planet Fitness|la Fitness|24 Hour Fitness Method What you need to know about Planet Fitness app

What you need to know about Planet Fitness app

Fitbit has officially launched its Planet Fitness fitness app for iPhone and Android devices, bringing its first app to the Android platform.

The app’s first two categories are Fitness and Fitness Plus, with the latter offering a variety of workouts including yoga, running, weightlifting, yoga, rowing, and more.

The first category, Fitness Plus is dedicated to more traditional workouts, such as yoga, cycling, swimming, and weightlifting.

However, Planet Fitness has also added a bunch of workouts that are not traditional.

One of those workouts is a “super-charged” version of the fitness workout “Sprint,” which involves running at 60-65 percent of your max speed, running at full pace, and jumping for 3-5 feet.

In addition to those super-charged workouts, Planet has also created a fitness app called “Planet Fitness Plus.”

The first version of Planet Fitness Plus only has six of the workout categories, but Planet has added a whole bunch more, such a “powerlifting” version, “run-focused” version called “Running”, and a “yoga” version.

There are also a couple of other new workouts in Planet Fitness: one that includes “running” with “super power” (3-5 miles), a “heavy weights” version that includes three- to five-pound weights (5-15 pounds), and “super” power with “Super Power” (15-20 pounds), which is a power lifting version of a traditional workout that includes five to 10 pounds.

You can download Planet Fitness for iOS and Android from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and you can also get a free trial from the App Store or Google Play.