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Apple Fitness app launches with new 24-hour challenge

FitBit, a wearable that’s built on Apple’s HealthKit framework, is now available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Apple says the app will be available on Tuesday for $3.99, though users can download it for free on the App Store.

FitBit uses the Apple HealthKit platform to help track health and fitness data and can sync to other devices with HealthKit support.

The company says it’s not compatible with Apple Watch.

The Apple Health app is a collaboration between Apple, the HealthKit Foundation, and FitBit.

Fitbit’s Health app currently has no app for the iOS and Android platforms.

AppleInsider readers also have access to a fitness app called FitBit Elite.

The app lets users set goals, track their progress, and upload workout videos.

The Fitbit Elite app is also compatible with the Apple Watch, but users can only upload a video once per day.

Apple has previously been working on an app for HealthKit.

The developer for Apple WatchKit has said that the app is “coming soon,” but AppleInsider is not aware of when that app will release.

Apple also launched an app called Apple Watch Fitness on Wednesday, which allows users to track their daily steps and distance traveled.